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Helix vs. Saatva

Written by: Derek Hales

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We compare 12 mattresses from Helix vs. Saatva. Our objective tests, real world demonstrations, and expert analysis can help you decide which is best for you.


Helix Twilight mattress design
9.48 Average Score


Saatva Moder Foam corner
9.75 Average Score
Helix MattressesScoreRead ReviewCheck Price
Helix Dawn9.22Read ReviewCheck Price
Helix Dusk9.35Read ReviewCheck Price
Helix Kids9.37Read ReviewCheck Price
Helix Midnight9.46Read ReviewCheck Price
Helix Midnight Luxe9.76Read ReviewCheck Price
Helix Moonlight9.39Read ReviewCheck Price
Helix Sunset9.57Read ReviewCheck Price
Helix Twilight9.48Read ReviewCheck Price
Helix Plus9.72Read ReviewCheck Price
Saatva MattressesScoreRead ReviewCheck Price
Saatva Classic9.95Read ReviewCheck Price
Saatva Modern Foam9.74Read ReviewCheck Price
Loom & Leaf9.56Read ReviewCheck Price


Type: Hybrid
Firmness: 3.5 – 8 out of 10


Type: Coil-on-Coil or Foam
Firmness: 3.5 – 8 out of 10

Our Verdict

When considering Helix vs. Saatva, both offer a wide selection of high-quality mattresses. In addition, both also have a wide range of firmnesses from 3.5 (soft) up to 8 (firm).

There are differences in type since Helix mattresses are hybrids (foam + coil), but Saatva mattresses are either all-coil or all-foam. There are also differences in the feel. Loom & Leaf has the classic memory foam feel, Helix is a bit more balanced, and Saatva offers a more traditional feel.

In This Comparison
Performance Tests | Firmness | Support & Sleeping Positions | Design | Materials

Performance Tests

At NapLab, we put each mattress to the test.

We score 10 different factors that impact the comfort, feel, and value of the mattress. Testing categories include:

FactorHelix MidnightHelix Midnight LuxeHelix PlusLoom & LeafSaatva ClassicSaatva Modern Foam
Motion Transfer9.4109.7109.89.7
Edge Support9.09.5108.41010
Pressure Relief9.5109.510109.5

Testing also includes Sinkage and Bounce levels, although these tests do not impact the score, since they are more preferential.

The table below shows the data we generated to determine the performance scores.

FactorHelix MidnightHelix Midnight LuxeHelix PlusLoom & LeafSaatva ClassicSaatva Modern Foam
Max Temp.90.7° F91.0° F91.8° F87.6° F94.0° F87.4° F
Max Sinkage1.98″2.15″1.50″3.09″2.40″2.08″
Total Motion Transfer7.25 m/s²4.03 m/s²6.31 m/s²5.02 m/s²5.86 m/s²6.13 m/s²
Response Time1.0 sec.0.3 sec.0.2 sec.0.6 sec.0.4 sec.0.3 sec.
Total Bounce10.19″7.47″9.38″4.72″14.67″12.35″
Edge Support – Sitting Sinkage5.00″4.00″3.00″6.25″3.00″3.00″
Edge Support – Lying SupportVery GoodExcellentExceptionalExcellentExceptionalExcellent
Sex Overall9.
Comfort Material3.00″5.00″5.00″4.50″4.50″4.00″
Off-Gassing – SmellModerateModerateModerateNoneNoneNone
Off-Gassing – Days2 days3 days2 days0 days0 days0 days
Trial101 days101 days100 days180 days180 days180 days
Warranty25 years25 years10 years25 years15 years12 years

Helix vs. Saatva: Who Is the Winner?

The table below shows which of these mattresses is the winner in each scoring category we test for.

Best OverallSaatva Classic9.95
Best CoolingSaatva Classic10
Most SinkageLoom & Leaf3.09″
Least SinkageHelix Plus1.5″
Lowest Motion TransferHelix Midnight Luxe4.03 m/s²
Fastest Response TimeHelix Plus0.2 sec
Slowest Response TimeHelix Midnight1.0 sec
Most BounceSaatva Classic14.67″
Least BounceLoom & Leaf4.72″
Best Edge SupportHelix Plus, Saatva Classic, Saatva Modern Foam3″ max sinkage
Best for SexSaatva Modern Foam10
Best Pressure ReliefHelix Midnight Luxe, Loom & Leaf, Saatva Classic10
Least Off-GassingLoom & Leaf, Saatva Classic, Saatva Modern FoamNone, 0 days
Best CompanySaatva180-night trial, 15-year warranty

Among these six models, here are the categories where each mattress excelled.

The Helix Midnight Luxe had the lowest motion transfer and tied for the best pressure relief.

The Helix Plus had the least sinkage, fastest response time, and tied for best edge support. It’s also the best for sleepers over 300 pounds.

The Loom & Leaf mattress had the least amount of bounce, most sinkage, and tied for the least off-gassing.

The Saatva Classic scored the best overall, as well as had the best cooling, most bounce, tied for best edge support, tied for best pressure relief, tied for the least amount of off-gassing, and Saatva also had the best company score.

The Saatva Modern Foam scored the best for sex, tied for best edge support, tied for the least amount of off-gassing, and also had the best company score as well.

Cooling Test

The cooling performances of these mattresses were all pretty good, with the Saatva Classic having the top score.

Cooling TestScoreBaselineMax TempEnding Temp
Helix Midnight9.583.6°90.7°85.5°
Helix Midnight Luxe9.583.8°91.0°86.6°
Helix Plus9.586.2°91.8°85.5°
Loom & Leaf9.579.1°87.6°80.8°
Saatva Classic1081.4°94.0°90.1°
Saatva Modern Foam9.572.3°87.4°75.3°
  • Baseline Temperature – the temperature of the mattress before anyone lies on it
  • Maximum Temperature (0 minute) – the temperature of the mattress after lying on it for 15 minutes
  • Ending Temperature (after 5 minutes) – the temperature of the mattress after being lied upon and having no one on it for 5 minutes

All of these mattresses did a good job of dissipating heat, preventing build-up, and feeling comfortable when lying on the mattress during our tests.

The top-performing mattress was the Saatva Classic, which makes sense in that this mattress is a coil-on-coil mattress, having more room for airflow than any other mattress we tested in this review.

Videos below show exactly how the heat dissipates off of the mattress during our tests.

Helix Midnight Cooling Test

Helix Midnight Luxe Cooling Test

Helix Plus Cooling Test

Loom & Leaf Cooling Test

Saatva Classic Cooling Test

Saatva Modern Foam Cooling Test

Sinkage Test

The sinkage levels vary pretty widely between Helix and Saatva. Helix ranges between very minimal to moderate. Saatva ranges from moderate to extremely deep.

Sinkage TestSinkage DepthMax Sinkage
Helix MidnightMinimal1.98″
Helix Midnight LuxeModerate2.15″
Helix PlusVery Minimal1.50″
Loom & LeafExtremely Deep3.09″
Saatva ClassicDeep2.40″
Saatva Modern FoamModerate2.08″

The average level of sinkage across all mattresses tested to date is 2.2″.

Based on these numbers, all of the mattresses tested here are less than average except for the Saatva Classic and Loom & Leaf.

Images below show the level of sinkage for each mattress.

Helix Midnight

Helix Midnight sinkage test

Helix Midnight Luxe

Helix Midnight Luxe sinkage test

Helix Plus

Helix Plus sinkage test

Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf (2022) sinkage test

Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic sinkage

Saatva Modern Foam

Saatva Moder Foam sinkage

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer was best on the Helix Midnight Luxe and Loom & Leaf, but still good on all of these models.

Motion Transfer TestScoreAcc. Range
Helix Midnight9.47.25 m/s²
Helix Midnight Luxe104.03 m/s²
Helix Plus9.76.31 m/s²
Loom & Leaf105.02 m/s²
Saatva Classic9.85.86 m/s²
Saatva Modern Foam9.76.13 m/s²

The average amount of motion transfer is 5.83 m/s² (based on all of our tests to date).

As you can see, the Saatva Classic falls about at the average and the Saatva Modern Foam and Helix Plus are just slightly beyond the average.

The Helix Midnight had quite a bit more motion transfer than average.

The level of motion transfer is documented in the video below. The graphs that follow each video show a quantifiable version of motion transfer based on accelerometer data.

Helix Midnight Motion Transfer Test

Helix Midnight motion transfer test

The Helix Midnight had the highest level of motion transfer, as you can see in the graphic above. Motion translated across the mattress well past 1 full second.

Helix Midnight Luxe Motion Transfer Test

Helix Midnight Luxe motion transfer chart

The Helix Midnight Luxe had great motion transfer, about 1/2 the amount of motion from the initial drop compared to the Helix Midnight, and that energy dissipated quicker as well.

Helix Plus Motion Transfer Test

Helix Plus motion transfer graph

The Helix Plus mattress had slightly more motion transfer than average with a relatively fast energy absorption rate.

Loom & Leaf Motion Transfer Test

Loom & Leaf motion transfer graph

The Loom & Leaf is the only mattress in this comparison that is coil-free. The energy from the initial ball drop is absorbed very quickly into the mattress. As you can see, basically all of the energy is gone before even a full second has elapsed.

Saatva Classic Motion Transfer Test

Saatva motion transfer graph

The Saatva Classic is the only mattress in this comparison with a coil-on-coil system. This obviously generates a lot more bounce initially, but I will say that the bounce dissipates fairly quickly and the overall motion transfer level was about average (compared to all other mattresses we’ve tested to date).

Saatva Modern Foam Motion Transfer Test

Saatva Modern Foam motion transfer chart

The Saatva Modern Foam mattress has a little less motion transfer than the Saatva Classic, but more motion than the Helix Plus. Across the board, levels are slightly lower than average.

Response Test

The response time is excellent for most of these mattresses, excluding the Helix Midnight, which both have top layers of memory foam and are a bit slower because of it.

Response TestScoreMostly RecoveredCompletely Recovered
Helix Midnight9.51.0 seconds1.2 seconds
Helix Midnight Luxe100.3 seconds0.4 seconds
Helix Plus100.2 seconds0.3 seconds
Loom & Leaf9.00.6 seconds1.6 seconds
Saatva Classic100.4 seconds0.8 seconds
Saatva Modern Foam100.3 seconds0.4 seconds

The average response time across all mattresses that we’ve tested to date is 0.56 seconds to be mostly recovered and 0.94 seconds to be fully recovered.

The Helix Midnight Luxe, Helix Plus, Saatva Classic, and Saatva Modern Foam all have faster response times than average.

You can see these material responses in real-time in the video below.

Helix Midnight Response Test

Helix Midnight Luxe Response Test

Helix Plus Response Test

The Helix Midnight and Loom & Leaf both have thicker memory foam layers towards the top of the mattress. This definitely slows response time and provides a deeper hug and contour when lying on the mattress.

Loom & Leaf Response Test

Saatva Classic Response Test

Saatva Modern Foam Response Test

Bounce Test

The level of bounce varies greatly between these six mattresses, as you can see in the table below.

Bounce TestBounce HeightBounce Range
Helix MidnightHigh10.19″
Helix Midnight LuxeLow7.47″
Helix PlusModerate9.38″
Loom & LeafExtremely Low4.72″
Saatva ClassicExtremely High14.67″
Saatva Modern FoamVery High12.35″

The mattresses with memory foam have the lowest levels of bounce—Loom & Leaf and Helix Midnight Luxe. The Loom & Leaf has the lowest at 4.72″ and the Helix Midnight Luxe has the second-lowest, at 7.47″.

For comparison, the average amount of bounce across all mattresses tested to date is 9.35″.

The Helix Plus has slightly more bounce than average, 9.38″.

The Helix Midnight, Saatva Modern Foam, and Saatva Classic all have progressively more bounce than the preceding mattress. Ranging from 9.38 to 14.67″.

Bounce levels can also be viewed in real-time via the short video clips below.

Helix Midnight Bounce Test

Helix Midnight Luxe Bounce Test

Helix Plus Bounce Test

Loom & Leaf Bounce Test

Saatva Classic Bounce Test

Saatva Modern Foam Bounce Test

Edge Support Test

Concerning edge support, there are definitely some of these mattresses that stand out from the others.

Edge Support TestScoreMax SinkageLying Support
Helix Midnight9.05.00″Very Good
Helix Midnight Luxe9.54.00″Excellent
Helix Plus103.00″Exceptional
Loom & Leaf8.46.25″Excellent
Saatva Classic103.00″Exceptional
Saatva Modern Foam103.00″Excellent

The average level of sinkage (when sitting right at the edge of the mattress) is 4.67″ (based on all of our mattress tests to date).

The Helix Midnight Luxe, Helix Plus, Saatva Classic, and Saatva Modern Foam all have less edge sinkage than average.

Helix Midnight

Helix Midnight edge support test
Helix Midnight edge support

Helix Midnight Luxe

Helix Midnight Luxe (body weight only)
Helix Midnight Luxe edge support

Helix Plus

Helix Plus - edge support (Body)
Helix Plus edge support

Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf (2022) edge support
Loom & Leaf edge support

Saatva Classic

Saatva edge support
Saatva Classic edge support

Saatva Modern Foam

Saatva Moder Foam edge support
Saatva Modern Foam edge support

Sex Test

Here’s a look at our sex formula:

Sex Score Formula = (Bounce * 0.5) + (Edge Support * 0.2) + (Noise * 0.2) + (Sinkage * 0.05) + (Cooling * 0.05)

We use the following scores, plugged into the formula, to derive a sex score for each mattress.

Sex TestSex ScoreBounceEdge SupportNoisePressure ReliefCooling
Helix Midnight9.7109.
Helix Midnight Luxe9.
Helix Plus9.69.8108.09.59.5
Loom & Leaf8.98.78.410109.5
Saatva Classic9.910109.01010
Saatva Modern Foam101010109.59.5

The sex performance of all of these mattresses is fantastic for all models excluding the Helix Midnight Luxe (9.4) and the Loom & Leaf (8.9).

Being that these two mattresses include a rather thick top layer of memory foam, the poorer sex performance makes sense, as memory foams have less bounce than a poly foam and certainly less than coils.

Saatva Moder Foam sitting on edge
Saatva Moder Foam sitting on edge

The top-scoring mattress for sex performance is the Saatva Modern Foam, closely followed by the Saatva Classic. Both of these mattresses have excellent bounce paired with fantastic edge support.

The Helix Plus (9.6) and Helix Midnight (9.7) scored well in this category as well and are good options for well-balanced, high-performing mattresses for sex.

Pressure Relief Test

Pressure relief on all of these mattresses was quite good. Good pressure relief on a mattress oftentimes comes from a thicker comfort layer and sufficiently thick support layer.

Pressure Relief TestScoreComfort LayerSupport Layer
Helix Midnight9.53.0″9.0″
Helix Midnight Luxe105.0″9.0″
Helix Plus9.55.0″8.0″
Loom & Leaf104.5″7.5″
Saatva Classic104.5″7.0″
Saatva Modern Foam9.54.0″7.0″

Looking at the six mattresses in this comparison, we see the best scores from the Helix Midnight Luxe, Loom & Leaf, and the Saatva Classic. All of these mattresses have between a 4.5-5″ thick comfort layer with a plush cover.

The Helix Midnight, Helix Plus, and Saatva Modern Foam are just slightly behind the others with a score of 9.5 out of 10.

The Helix Midnight has a comfort layer of only 3.0″ and a thinner cover, compared to the others.

Off-Gassing Test

Moving right along, let’s talk about off-gassing. The performance here was very good and a little faster than average.

On average, most mattresses take around 2.8 days to off-gas. Every mattress that we tested here was faster than that with one exception being the Helix Midnight Luxe, which took about 3 full days to fully off-gas.

Off-Gassing TestScoreInitial SmellOff-Gassing Period
Helix Midnight9.8Moderate2 days
Helix Midnight Luxe9.8Moderate3 days
Helix Plus9.8Moderate2 days
Loom & Leaf10None0 days
Saatva Classic10None0 days
Saatva Modern Foam10None0 days


The company analysis of Helix vs. Saatva shows that Saatva has a bit better company policies. It offers a longer trial period as well as a longer warranty.

Trial Period100 nights180 nights
Warranty10 years15 years
Country of OriginUSAUSA

Saatva offers a trial of up to 180 nights and a 15-year warranty.

Shipping is free from both brands, but Saatva does have a small fee if you decide to return the mattress.


Between Helix and Saatva, there is a very wide firmness range.

Helix MattressesRatingRead Review
Helix Dawn8.0Read Review
Helix Dusk6.0Read Review
Helix Kids7.0Read Review
Helix Midnight6.0Read Review
Helix Midnight Luxe6.0Read Review
Helix Moonlight3.5Read Review
Helix Sunset4.0Read Review
Helix Twilight8.0Read Review
Helix Plus7.0Read Review
Loom & Leaf5.5 or 8.0Read Review
Saatva Classic3.5, 5.5, 8.0Read Review
Saatva Modern Foam6.0Read Review

3.5 out of 10

The Helix Moonlight is the softest Helix mattress we’ve tested and can be a good option for lightweight side sleepers.

The Saatva Classic (plush soft version) comes in three firmnesses, one being a “plush soft” firmness, which is also a 3.5 out of 10.

firmness - 3.5 out of 10 - soft

4 out of 10

The Helix Sunset is just a touch firmer than the Helix Moonlight and soft Saatva Classic, coming in at a 4 out of 10.

firmness - 4 out of 10 - soft

5.5 out of 10

If you’re looking for a touch softer, check out the Loom & Leaf or the Saatva Classic. These two mattresses are a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale and have a plush feel to them, perfect for side sleepers or lighter sleepers especially.

firmness - 5.5 out of 10

6 out of 10

If you’re looking for a mattress that is likely to be enjoyed by the widest range of sleepers, you may want to consider something in the 6 out of 10 firmness range.

This would include Helix Dusk, Helix Midnight, Helix Midnight Luxe, Saatva Classic, or the Saatva Modern Foam.

firmness - 6 out of 10 - medium

7 out of 10

If you’re looking for something that is a little firmer consider the Helix Plus. This mattress is specifically designed for heavier sleepers as well as back or stomach sleepers.

firmness - 7 out of 10 - medium firm

The Helix Kids is a flippable mattress with one side being 7 out of 10 and the other side slightly firmer at 8 out of 10. But one note, this mattress is designed for kids 12 and under.

8 out of 10

The Helix Dawn, Helix Twilight, firm version of the Saatva Classic, or firm version of the Loom & Leaf are all firmer options that are an 8 out of 10.

An 8 out of 10 would be more ideal for back or stomach sleepers, as well as heavier sleepers.

firmness - 8 out of 10

Support & Sleeping Positions

If you’re not sure which firmness is best for you, check the table below. This table provides an ideal firmness range based on sleeping position and sleeper body weight.

what firmness is right for you?

As you can see, not all firmnesses are suitable for all sleepers. It’s important to know your ideal firmness prior to purchasing a new mattress.


The design of each of these mattresses is very different and we use the table below to outline the details of each mattress.

DesignTypeTotal Thickness
Helix MidnightHybrid12.0″
Helix Midnight LuxeHybrid14.0″
Helix PlusHybrid13.0″
Loom & LeafMemory Foam11.0″
Saatva ClassicCoil-on-Coil11.5″ or 14.5″
Saatva Modern FoamCombo Foam11.0″

The Loom & Leaf and Saatva Modern Foam are foam-based mattresses and don’t contain any coils.

The Helix collection is all hybrids, meaning that they are a combination of comfort foams and support coils.

The Saatva Classic is primarily a coil mattress. It has a double layer of coils with a plush Euro-style cover. This mattress is the only one in this comparison that comes in two different firmness options—11.5″ or 14.5″.

If you’re specifically looking for a high-profile mattress, the Helix Midnight Luxe or the thicker version of the Saatva Classic are both 14″ or more.


Images below show exactly what is on the inside of each of these mattresses. Let’s take a look.

Helix Midnight

Helix Midnight material layers
  • 2.0″ memory foam
  • 1.0″ poly foam
  • 8.0″ pocketed coils
  • 1.0″ support foam

Helix Midnight Luxe

Helix Midnight Luxe material layers
  • 2.0″ memory foam
  • 2.0″ gel memory foam
  • 1.0″ poly foam
  • 8.0″ pocketed coils
  • 1.0″ support foam

Helix Plus

Helix Plus material layers
  • 1.5″ memory foam
  • 1.75″ poly foam
  • 1.0″ memory foam
  • 8.0″ pocketed coils
  • 0.75″ support foam

Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf mattress material layers
  • 2.0″ gel memory foam
  • 2.5″ gel memory foam
  • 2.0″ transitional support foam
  • 5.5″ support foam

Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic material layers
  • 4.0″ foam-encased coils
  • 7.0″ support coils

Saatva Modern Foam

Saatva Modern Foam material layers
  • 2.0″ gel memory foam
  • 2.5″ gel memory foam
  • 2.0″ transitional support foam
  • 5.5″ support foam

As we mentioned above, the comfort layers on the Midnight Luxe and Helix Plus are much thicker than the comfort layer on the Helix Midnight.

The Loom & Leaf has a 2-layer foam support system, while the Saatva Modern Foam has a 4-layer foam support system.

The Saatva Classic is a coil-on-coil system with a plush pillow top.

Which Mattress Should You Buy?

In the Helix vs. Saatva mattress battle there are numerous good options. Ultimately, your individual sleeper preferences and needs will determine which is the better option for you.

Should You Buy the Helix Midnight?

I would recommend the Helix Midnight if you’re looking for:

  • Lower price point. The Helix Midnight is a more budget-friendly version of the Helix Midnight Luxe and is a great value.
  • Balanced feel. This mattress has a balanced feel with a respectable score (9.43 overall).

Click here to learn more or to check the price of the Helix Midnight mattress.

Should You Buy the Helix Midnight Luxe?

I would recommend the Helix Midnight Luxe if you’re looking for:

  • Low motion transfer. The Midnight Luxe has the lowest motion transfer among all mattresses tested in this comparison. If you are easily disturbed by your partner (or yourself), low motion transfer can be an important issue.
  • Fantastic pressure relief. This mattress has a thick pillow top cover, thick layer of comfort foams, and a supportive coil base. These separate factors combined provide excellent pressure relief for all sleeping positions, but would be especially beneficial for side sleepers.

Click here to learn more or to check the price of the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress.

Should You Buy the Helix Plus?

I would recommend the Helix Plus if you’re looking for:

  • Support for heavier sleepers. The Helix Plus has a 13″ thick profile, thicker comfort layers, and tied for the best edge support. These factors combined with the firmer feel make this mattress a good option for heavier sleepers (especially 300+ pounds).
  • Fast response. This mattress also has the least amount of sinkage and the fastest response time among all mattresses tested in this review.

Click here to learn more or to check the price of the Helix Plus mattress.

Should You Buy the Loom & Leaf?

I would recommend the Loom & Leaf if you’re looking for:

  • Classic memory foam feel. The Loom and Leaf has a fast (but still relatively slower) response time, fantastic hug, excellent body contouring, and among the very best pressure relief out of all mattresses I’ve tested to date. If you like the feel of memory foam then you’ll love Loom and Leaf.
  • Great pressure relief. If you’re looking for good hug and contour, the sleeping surface of the Loom & Leaf is one of the best I’ve tested to date.

Click here to learn more or to check the price of the Loom & Leaf mattress.

Should You Buy the Saatva Classic?

I would recommend the Saatva Classic if you’re looking for:

  • Best overall. The Saatva Classic had the best cooling, best edge support, best pressure relief, least amount of off-gassing, and best company score. These factors gave the mattress an overall score of 9.95, making it one of the best mattresses we’ve ever tested.
  • More bounce. If you like the bounce and feel that a coil-on-coil mattress provides, you’ll likely enjoy the Saatva. More bounce is also be great for sex performance.

Click here to learn more or to check the price of the Saatva Classic mattress.

Should You Buy the Saatva Modern Foam?

I would recommend the Saatva Modern Foam if you’re looking for:

  • Great edge performance. Sometimes foam mattresses can struggle with edge support, but that’s not what we experienced. The Modern Foam mattress is tied for best edge support out of all mattresses we’ve tested to date.
  • Good company. If you like the terms and conditions of Saatva, as a company, but want foam instead of coils, the Modern Foam is a great alternative to the Saatva Classic (albeit delivering a very different feel).

Click here to learn more or to check the price of the Saatva Modern Foam mattress.

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