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List of Mattresses With Fiberglass – 140 Mattresses Analyzed

Derek Hales

Written by: Derek Hales

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Fiberglass in mattresses has recently taken off as a huge consumer issue. Class action lawsuits have been filed, numerous complaints from consumers, and claims of horrible side effects from the material in their mattresses.

Nectar Hybrid Premier Copper Materials

Does fiberglass really pose a threat to your sleep… or overall health? And if so, what mattresses have fiberglass? This guide will break down what you need to know about fiberglass in mattresses.

What is fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a fiber-reinforced plastic made of a woven material embedded with glass fibers. Fiberglass can be valuable for some uses due to its high melting point, corrosion resistance, and insulating properties.

Common uses for fiberglass include aircraft bodies, windows, roofing, boats, and bathtubs.

But in the mattress market, fiberglass has some real disadvantages, especially when if starts escaping from the mattress.

Fiberglass can be used in small strands or even a powder-like substance that can become airborne. Once outside the mattress, it can cause skin or eye irritation, allergies, and dangerous potential for hazardous inhalation.

Why do mattresses use fiberglass?

Mattress companies use fiberglass within their mattress because it is an inexpensive method to achieve required fire resistance ratings.

United States federal regulations require that mattresses meet flammability standards. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) 16 CFR 1632 and 1633 sets the specific rules for the tests and the standards to which mattresses must adhere to.

Which mattresses contain fiberglass?

The table below highlights 140 different mattresses from nearly 100 different brands to determine which ones contain fiberglass.

In most cases, the use of fiberglass is only used as a fire retardant within an enclosed cover. Many companies (even those that use fiberglass) still enclose the material within other layers or make the fibers otherwise inaccessible to sleepers.

This helps to minimize the risk of exposure.

In many cases, the cheaper the mattress, the more likely it is to contain fiberglass (as you will see in the table below). You can see our citations / sources of fiberglass information below.

NamePriceDoes It Have Fiberglass?
5 Little Monkeys$1,199Unknown
Allswell Cool$999Yes
Amazon BasicsVariesUnknown
Amerisleep AS3$1,299No
Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid$1,299No
Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid$1,699No
Amerisleep Organica$1,299No
Ashley Gruve$750Yes
Ashley Gruve Hybrid$900Yes
Ashley Ultra$900Yes
Avocado Eco$1,299No
Avocado Green$1,900No
Awara Premier$1,499No
Bear Elite Hybrid$1,373No
Bear Hybrid$1,126No
Bedinabox Original$799No
Bedinabox Eco-Lux$1,439No
Bedinabox Tranquillium$799No
Big Mattress Classic$2,549No
Birch Luxe$2,499No
Brentwood Home Oceano$1,839No
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora$1,406No
Brooklyn Bedding Custom$1,312No
Brooklyn Bedding Sedona$1,799No
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid$999No
Casper Original$1295Yes
Casper Original Hybrid$1695Yes
Casper Nova Hybrid$2295Yes
Casper Wave Hybrid$2895No
Casper Wave Snow Hybrid$3395No
Classic BrandsVariesYes
Comfort Tech Serene$299Yes
Crafted Sleep 1-Sided$729No
Crafted Sleep 2-Sided$899No
Diamond Flurry Lux$1,699No
Diamond Lagoon$999No
Diamond Sage$1,499No
Diamond Tailor$899No
Dreamcloud Premier$1,199Unknown
Dreamcloud Premier Rest$1,499Unknown
EcoSleep Hybrid Luxe$1,406No
Eight Sleep Pod 3$3,145No
Elm Sleep Resort$1,499No
Emma CliMax$799No
Emma Original Foam$699No
Full Moon$449Yes
Ghostbed Classic$998Yes
Ghostbed Flex$1,698Yes
Ghostbed Luxe$1,485Yes
Habitat Furnishings Ascend Air$2,099Unknown
Helix Dawn$999No
Helix Dawn Luxe$1,899No
Helix Dusk$999No
Helix Dusk Luxe$1,799No
Helix Kids$749No
Helix Midnight$999No
Helix Midnight Luxe$1,799No
Helix Moonlight$999No
Helix Plus$1,449No
Helix Twilight$999No
Helix Sunset$999No
IKEA Haugesund$329No*
IKEA Haugsvar$449No*
IKEA Vatnestrom $849No*
IKEA Morgedal$299No*
IKEA Meistervik$199No*
IKEA Hesstun$649No*
IKEA Myrbacka$549No*
IKEA Amsosen$599Yes
IKEA Matrand$399No*
Layla Hybrid$1,499Yes
Leesa Legend$2,099Yes
Leesa Original$1,099Yes
Leesa Original Hybrid$1,299Yes
Leesa Sapira$1,699Yes
Leesa Studio$699Yes
Logan & Cove$1,099No
Loom & Leaf$1,932No
Lytton Signature$1,499No
Natural Form Refresh$2,895No
Naturepedic Chorus$1,999No
Nectar Hybrid$736Unknown
Nectar Hybrid Premier$1,071Unknown
Nectar Hybrid Premier Copper$1,339Unknown
Nectar Original$669Unknown
Nectar Premier$1,205Unknown
Nectar Premier Copper$1,205Unknown
Nest Bedding Finch$1,879No
Nest Bedding Lark$1,159No
Nest Bedding Owl$1,760No
Nest Bedding Puffin$599No
Nest Bedding Quail$1,039No
Nest Bedding Robin$850No
Nest Bedding Sparrow$1,599No
Nolah Evolution 15$1,599No
Nolah Natural$1,199No
Nolah Original$899No
Nolah Signature$1,299No
Nolah Signature All Foam Hybrid$1,399No
NovaForm ComfortGrande Plus$699No
Plank Firm Luxe$1,149No
Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid$1,499No
Puffy Original$1049Yes
Puffy Lux Hybrid$1499Yes
Puffy Royal Hybrid$2399Yes
Purple Hybrid$2,199No
Purple Hybrid Premier 3$2,699No
Purple Hybrid Premier 4$3,499No
Saatva Classic$1,580No
Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid$1,404No
Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus$1,199No
Shuteye Whisper$1,799Unknown
Simba Hybrid 2500£1,329Unknown
Suilong Utopia$430Unknown
SweetNight Dreamy$469No
SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid$487No
Tempur Cloud£1,319Yes
Tempurpedic Cloud Breeze$4,149Yes
Titan Luxe Hybrid$1,199No
Titan Plus$937No
Vaya Hybrid$799No
Winkbed EcoCloud$1,699No
Winkbed GravityLux$1,499No
Winkbed Plus$1,499No
Zoma Hybrid$999No
Zoma Start$599No

*Use of fiberglass varies by country of manufacturer and local laws / regulations

**Mattresses marked as “Unknown” are marked as such because it was not clear whether the mattress used fiberglass. If we could not determine a definitive “Yes” or “No” the mattress is marked as “Unknown”.


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