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Winkbed GravityLux Review

Derek Hales

Written by: Derek Hales

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Winkbed Gravitylux Cover Photo
9.55 Overall Score
Tested With Scoring System 1.1
9.5 Cooling
8.3 Motion Transfer
10 Response Time
10 Edge Support
9.1 Sex
9.5 Pressure Relief
9.8 Off-Gassing
9.8 Company

Best For

  • 3 different firmness levels
  • Classic memory foam feel, but with limited heat retention and fast response
  • Extremely low levels of bounce


  • 10″ thick profile may not be suitable for sleepers over 250 lbs.
  • Higher levels of motion transfer

Our Verdict

The Winkbed GravityLux mattress is a 10″ high memory foam mattress, available in three firmness levels—soft, medium, or firm.

It has a modern memory foam feel with low bounce and moderate sinkage (typical of traditional memory foam), but coupled with an extremely fast response time and a higher motion transfer. While motion peaks were high, motion duration was quite limited, so there is a bit of a silver lining.

Beyond motion transfer, performance across other categories was excellent.

Type: Memory Foam
Firmness: Soft (4), Medium (6), or Firm (8)

In This Review
Performance Tests | Firmness | Support & Sleeping Positions | Design | Materials | Comparisons | FAQs

Performance Tests

At NapLab, we put each mattress to the test.

We test 10 different factors that impact the performance, comfort, and value of the mattress. Testing categories include:

Test Rating
Motion TransferHigh
Response TimeExtremely Fast
BounceExtremely Low
Edge SupportExceptional
SexVery Good
Pressure ReliefExcellent

Cooling Test

Cooling performance on the Winkbed GravityLux was excellent. During our tests, I felt no significant heat retention around my body. Despite the all-foam design the mattress breathes quite well.

Baseline Temp.

73.9° F

Max Temp.

85.2° F

Ending Temp.

76.3° F

Max Temp.

Winkbed Gravitylux Before Cooling Test
Winkbed Gravitylux Before Cooling Test

Ending Temp

Winkbed Gravitylux After Cooling Test
Winkbed Gravitylux After Cooling Test
  • Baseline Temperature – the temperature of the mattress before anyone lies on it
  • Maximum Temperature (0 minute) – the temperature of the mattress after lying on it for 15 minutes
  • Ending Temperature (5 minute) – the temperature of the mattress after being lied upon and having no one on it for 5 minutes

The Tencel cover definitely helps to improve cooling. It creates a cool-to-the-touch feel. In addition, the 2.0” of gel poly foam in the top layers further enhances cooling.

Heat Dissipation Over Time

While the mattress does use memory foam it’s only 2.0” of the total 10”. As a result, any memory foam heat retention concerns are in part managed through the material thickness itself.

Winkbed Gravitylux Heat Dissipation Chart
Winkbed Gravitylux Heat Dissipation Chart

Furthermore, the memory foam is within the core of the mattress, as opposed to the topmost layer.

This position helps to further prevent any type of heat retention. Looking at our objective data, we measured a maximum surface level temperature of 85.2° F.

From minutes 0 to 1 the temperature was able to drop by 4.8°, with an 8.9° decline from minutes 0 to 5. Looking at the complete picture of objective data, subjective experience, and material analysis, I am pleased with the overall cooling performance.

Sinkage Test

The Winkbed GravityLux mattress has a moderate level of sinkage. In our tests, we measured 2.06” of pressure point sinkage depth. The mattress creates a significant level of body contouring and hug.

The level of sinkage is documented in the image below.

Winkbed Gravitylux Sinkage Test
Winkbed Gravitylux Sinkage Test

While the poly foam layers help to balance out the total feel, it still is very much a memory foam mattress in the way that it reacts to body weight.

The mattress takes a moment to contour to the exact shape of your body. There is a noted moment where I feel the entire body sinking more deeply into the mattress.

Notably, heavier parts of the body (butt, midsection, hips) will sink deeper into the mattress and experience a more dramatic contouring hug.


Motion Transfer Test

The Winkbed GravityLux has a high level of motion transfer. In our tests, we measured 11.85 m/s² of acceleration range. This is 55% more motion transfer than the average of 7.61 m/s².

The 10” foam design, medium-firm feel, and relatively thin memory foam layer (just 2.0” and positioned in the core) all contributed to a higher level of motion.

The level of motion transfer is documented in the video below.

Normally, all foam mattresses and mattresses with memory foam are able to absorb and disperse energy better than many other mattress types. However, here we recorded a higher level of motion.

I didn’t expect this mattress to deliver perfect motion, but did expect better than this.

Max. Acceleration

5.65 m/s²

Min. Acceleration

-6.20 m/s²

Accel. Range

11.85 m/s²

Looking at our motion transfer chart, which visualizes our accelerometer data, we see the highest levels of motion from 0 to 0.21 seconds. Motion drops dramatically thereafter and by 0.71 seconds it has returned to near-zero levels.

Winkbed Gravitylux Motion Transfer Chart
Winkbed Gravitylux Motion Transfer Chart

While the motion intensity leaves something to be desired, motion duration was excellent. The vast majority of all energy is dissipated by 0.21 seconds. Mattresses with the very least motion transfer are able to return to near-zero energy levels by 0.3 seconds.

Winkbed’s GravityLux isn’t quite to that level. More sensitive sleepers may find the energy spikes, even as brief as they are, to be too high, however, many sleepers should not be bothered by them.


Response Test

The Winkbed GravityLux has an extremely fast material response time. In our tests, we measured a mostly recovered response time of 0.2 seconds and a fully recovered response time of 0.6 seconds.

Mostly Recovered

0.2 sec.

Complete Recovery

0.6 sec.

This is considerably faster than the average in both categories. Based on all of our tests to date, we have measured an average mostly recovered time of 0.46 seconds and an average fully recovered response time of 0.90 seconds.

The level of responsiveness is documented in the video below.

Usually, memory foam is a slower-responding material. However, here we don’t see that. Having a top layer of responsive poly foam ensures that the mattress springs back to shape quite quickly.

Placing the 2.0” memory foam layer in the core, as opposed to on top, also helps. The recovery speed is not as instant as latex or mattresses with a 100% responsive poly foam comfort layer.

However, it’s still more than fast enough for the vast majority of sleepers. I never felt stuck on the mattress and it is able to respond to changes in movement nearly instantly.

Bounce Test

The Winkbed GravityLux has an extremely low level of bounce. In our tests, we measured just 3.83” of total bounce height. This is 5.93” less bounce than the average of 9.76”.

Max. Depth


Max. Rebound


Total Bounce


All foam mattresses typically have less bounce. As do mattresses with memory foam. The GravityLux is both of those things.

Max. Sinkage Depth

Winkbed Gravitylux Max Bounce Depth
Winkbed Gravitylux Max Bounce Depth

Max Bounce Height

Winkbed Gravitylux Max Bounce Rebound
Winkbed Gravitylux Max Bounce Rebound

As a result, the low bounce isn’t surprising. Even so, this is extremely low. In general, I like to see 8-12” of total bounce height. Bounce in this range helps make it easier to move around on the mattress and improves sex. Having a bounce this low can put a damper on both of those.

The level of bounce is visually documented in the video below.

All that said, bounce is a preferential factor. The fact the bounce is this low isn’t necessarily bad. However, you definitely should be aware of it and have a general desire for a mattress with less bounce. The GravityLux has the 3rd least bounce among all mattresses we’ve tested to date.


Edge Support Test

Edge support on the Winkbed GravityLux was truly exceptional. In our sitting sinkage tests, we measured 2.5” of sitting sinkage. This is 1.91” less sinkage than the average of 4.41”.

Max Sinkage


Lying Support


This sinkage depth creates a more robust and fully supportive edge for sitting, sleeping, and amorous activities. This is pretty rare in an all-foam mattress, more rare in a memory foam mattress, and rarer yet in a 10” mattress.

Despite the material limitations, the mattress performed great with respect to edge support. Lying edge support was equally as impressive. Even when lying directly on the edge of the mattress I felt incredibly well-supported. I have absolutely zero complaints when it comes to edge support.

The level of edge support while seated is documented in the images below.

Sitting, 140 lbs.

Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support
Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support

Sitting, 200 lbs.

Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support With Vest
Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support With Vest

The level of edge support while lying is documented in the images below.

Lying on Edge, 140 lbs.

Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support Back Sleeping
Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support Back Sleeping

Lying on Edge, 200 lbs.

Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support Back Sleeping With Vest
Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support Back Sleeping With Vest

Sex Test

Our sex rating formula looks at 5 different factors weighted based on their importance.

sex percent chart

All factors are not equal in terms of significance, but each plays an important role.

Three of the most important factors are listed below with the associated testing scores:

Sex Bounce


Edge Support




In addition to the factors above, there are two other we consider as well, including pressure relief and cooling.

Here’s a look at the breakdown of how these 3 factors rank within the full formula:

sex formula

We use the scores from all factors, plugged into the formula above, to derive a sex score for each mattress.

Sex FactorFactor WeightScore
Edge Support20%10
Pressure Relief5%9.5

For the Winkbed GravityLux, these individual factors generated a sex score of 9.1.

Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support Sitting
Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support Sitting

Bounce is the only thing that really is holding this mattress back. It has a very low level of bounce, which can make sex more difficult, but honestly, this is fairly common for memory foam.

If you want the memory foam feel / all foam design then less bounce and worse sex is just part of the equation (regardless of the specific mattress brand you’re looking at).


Pressure Relief Test

Pressure relief on the Winkbed GravityLux is excellent. In our tests, I felt ample pressure relief in all sleeping positions. The GravityLux has a thick 4.0” comfort layer. 1” of the comfort layer is quilted within the cover itself.

Comfort Layer


Support Layer


Quilted covers are ideal at providing immediate pressure relief, while the additional 3.0” of comfort foam creates transitional and deep compression comfort.

Winkbed Gravitylux Stomach Sleeping
Winkbed Gravitylux Stomach Sleeping

While the mattress absolutely has more of a memory foam feel, having the memory foam within the core does help to more restrain how dramatically the foam would otherwise contour to the body.

This creates a more balanced memory foam feel, which in my view, enhances the pressure relief dynamic. 


Off-Gassing Test

Right out of the box, the Winkbed GravityLux has a strong smell. It smelled for 3 days before the off-gassing process was complete. This off-gassing period is about average.

Initial Smell Strength


Off-Gassing Period

3 days



Winkbed mattresses have a long 120-night trial period with free shipping and a lifetime warranty.

Company Factor
Trial Period120 nights
Country of OriginUSA

The warranty is a full replacement program that will send you a new mattress if yours fails to perform at an acceptable level. The company also offers free returns if things don’t work out.

Winkbed Gravitylux Tag
Winkbed Gravitylux Tag

How firm is the Winkbed GravityLux?

The Winkbed GravityLux mattress is available in three firmness levels—soft, medium, and firm. In this review, we tested the medium, which was a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

I am estimating the soft to be around a 4 out of 10 and the firm to be an 8 out of 10.

Not sure which firmness is right for you? In general, side sleepers prefer a softer feel than back or stomach sleepers. Also, lighter sleepers generally prefer a softer feel than heavier-weighted sleepers.

Sleeping positions and mattress firmness

Considering these two factors (body weight and sleeping position) are two great ways to help select the right firmness for you.

Winkbed GravityLux Soft

The Soft GravityLux would be a good option for lightweight or moderate-weighted side sleepers. The extra softness should provide a deeper hug and contour than firmer options.

firmness - 4 out of 10 - soft

Winkbed GravityLux Medium

The Medium GravityLux offers a balanced feel, suitable for a wider range of sleeping positions and sleeper weights. If you’re looking for a mattress with the widest appeal, the Medium is a solid pick.

firmness - 6 out of 10 - medium

Winkbed GravityLux Firm

The Firm GravityLux is a better pick for back or stomach sleepers as well as sleepers who are heavier. Heavier sleepers oftentimes require a firmer mattress for optimal pressure relief and support.

firmness - 8 out of 10

Support & Sleeping Positions

The Winkbed GravityLux mattress has excellent support. During our tests, I felt well-supported in all sleeping positions. The mattress has a proven material layer design with 4.0” of comfort material on top of 6.0” of support foam.

GravityLux is available in 3 firmnesses, making it appropriate for a wider range of body types and sleeping positions. My only concern is for very heavy weighted sleepers, especially 300+ pounds.

Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support Side Sleeping With Vest
Winkbed Gravitylux Edge Support Side Sleeping With Vest

At 10” thick the mattress is appropriate for sleepers up to 250 pounds. However, beyond 250 pounds it gets progressively worse. I would not feel confident recommending this (or most any 10” mattress) to sleepers who weigh more than 300 pounds.

The tables below outline our specific recommendations for each available mattress firmness.

Winkbed GravityLux Soft

Sleeper WeightStomach SleeperSide SleeperBack Sleeper
Under 150 lbs.YesYesYes
150-225 lbs.MaybeYesMaybe
225-300 lbs.NoMaybeNo

Winkbed GravityLux Medium

Sleeper WeightStomach SleepersSide SleepersBack Sleepers
Under 150 lbs.YesYesYes
150-250 lbs.YesYesYes
250-300 lbs.YesYesYes

Winkbed GravityLux Firm

Sleeper WeightStomach SleepersSide SleepersBack Sleepers
Under 150 lbs.MaybeNoMaybe
150-250 lbs.MaybeNoMaybe
250-300 lbs.MaybeMaybeMaybe


The GravityLux mattress is a modern memory foam mattress with a 10″ profile. This mattress is available in three different firmness levels—soft, medium, or firm.


Memory Foam




4, 6, or 8

Winkbed Gravitylux Sitting
Winkbed Gravitylux Sitting

It is designed to offer a memory foam feel, without the common disadvantages that can often be associated with traditional memory foam.


The GravityLux consists of four layers of material, wrapped within a 1.0″ quilted cover. From top to bottom, the layers include:

  • 1.0″ quilted cover
  • 1.0″ get foam
  • 2.0″ memory foam
  • 2.0″ poly foam
Winkbed Gravitylux Material Layers
Winkbed Gravitylux Material Layers

The Cover

As mentioned above, the GravityLux has a quilted cover. It is made of Tencel with gel-infused foam on the inside and a tufted finish on the outside. This gives the mattress a plush look and feel while also limiting heat retention and helping you stay cool throughout the night.

Winkbed Gravitylux Corner
Winkbed Gravitylux Corner

The Comfort Layer

Below the cover is a double-layer comfort layer made of a 1.0″ layer of gel foam and a 2.0″ layer of memory foam.

Winkbed Gravitylux Memory Foam
Winkbed Gravitylux Memory Foam

A 3.0″ thick comfort layer is pretty good for a 10″ thick mattress and I found it to be very comfortable during our tests.

The Support Layer

The comfort l layer consists of two layers of foam. There is a 2.0″ thick poly foam followed by a 4.0″ thick high-density support foam.

Winkbed Gravitylux Measuring Materials
Winkbed Gravitylux Measuring Materials

Product Evolution

The Winkbed GravityLux mattress was released in 2019, available in the same firmness levels that are available today. Since its release, there have been no major design changes.

Winkbed Gravitylux Side
Winkbed Gravitylux Side

How is the GravityLux Different?

The Winkbed GravityLux mattress is a 10″ high memory foam mattress… a pretty common style on the mattress market. So what helps the GravityLux stand out against the competition?

#1. Three Firmness Options

The GravityLux is available in three firmness levels—soft, medium, and firm. This provides a wide range of softness to accommodate different sleeper profiles.

#2. Modern Memory Foam

Traditional memory foam has a tendency to retain heat and / or leave sleepers feeling stuck in unresponsive material layers.

Winkbed Gravitylux Sinkage
Winkbed Gravitylux Sinkage

The GravityLux combats these disadvantages to traditional memory foam by adding a Tencel cover, gel-infused quilted top layer, and balancing poly foam with memory foam.

The result is a mattress that has the contour of memory foam, but also a fast response time and limited heat retention.

Other Mattresses to Consider

Not sure if the Winkbed GravityLux is the right pick for you? Check out these three other top-rated memory foam alternatives.

For Motion Transfer

Amerisleep AS3 Foam material layers

Amerisleep AS3


The Amerisleep AS3 mattress has a 3″ layer of memory foam followed by a 3″ transitional layer. The AS3 has a slightly medium feel (5 out of 10 firmness) and very low motion transfer levels.

For Bounce

Zoma material layers


Over 2X the Bounce

The Zoma mattress is another all-foam mattress with starts things off with gel memory foam. It also includes a transitional poly foam. The Zoma has a total bounce of 8.53″, over twice the level of bounce we saw on the GravityLux.

For Budget

Image Title


Medium Firmness, 6 out of 10

The BedInABox Original mattress uses a 3.0″gel-infused memory foam with 8.0″ support foam base. This mattress has an overall score of 9.62 with fantastic performance all around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Check out some of the top FAQs on the Winkbed GravityLux mattress below and get the answers you’re looking for.

How much does a GravityLux mattress cost?

Here are the current prices, with any sales or promotions reflected below:

Twin: $899
Twin XL: $999
Full: N/A
Queen: $1,499
King: $1,699
Cal. King: $,1699

*Note: Sales prices are subject to change without notice or warning.

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