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Titan Plus Review

Derek Hales

Written by: Derek Hales

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Titan Plus cover photo
9.40 Overall Score
Tested With Scoring System 1.1
9.5 Cooling
7.8 Motion Transfer
10 Response Time
10 Edge Support
9.9 Sex
9.0 Pressure Relief
9.5 Off-Gassing
9.5 Company

Best For

  • Back or stomach sleepers
  • Heavier sleepers, those needing a very firm feel for optimal support


  • High levels of motion transfer
  • Not recommended for side sleepers

Our Verdict

The Titan Plus hybrid mattress is an 11″ high hybrid with a quilted cover, gel memory foam, poly foam, and a pocketed coil support base. It is very firm and designed for heavier weighted back or stomach sleepers.

This mattress also has the option of a cooling cover that integrates phase change material for improved cooling performance and limited heat retention.

During our performance tests, this mattress had excellent scores across the board with the one exception of high levels of motion transfer. The firmer feel combined with the support coils provides extra pushback and energy transfer.

Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Very Firm (9)

In This Review
Performance Tests | Firmness | Support & Sleeping Positions | Design | Materials | Comparisons | FAQs

YouTube video

Performance Tests

At NapLab, we put each mattress to the test.

We test 10 different factors that impact the performance, comfort, and value of the mattress. Testing categories include:

Test Rating
Motion TransferVery High
Response TimeExtremely Fast
BounceVery High
Edge SupportExceptional
Pressure ReliefVery Good

Cooling Test

Cooling performance on the Titan Plus mattress is excellent. In our tests, I felt no significant level of heat retention around my body.

Baseline Temp.

75.0° F

Max Temp.

86.5° F

Ending Temp.

78.6° F

The Titan Plus is a hybrid, meaning it’s got a layer of coils for support. This coil base creates ample airflow, which aids in overall cooling performance. The mattress is available with or without an optional cooling cover.

Max Temp.

Titan Plus before cooling test
Titan Plus before cooling test

Ending Temp

Titan Plus after cooling test
Titan Plus after cooling test
  • Baseline Temperature – the temperature of the mattress before anyone lies on it
  • Maximum Temperature (0 minute) – the temperature of the mattress after lying on it for 15 minutes
  • Ending Temperature (5 minute) – the temperature of the mattress after being lied upon and having no one on it for 5 minutes

We tested without the cooling cover and still found the cooling performance to be strong. The Titan Plus has a very firm feel.

With this firm feel, you float more on top of the foam as opposed to sinking down it, which further helps to manage and reduce heat issues.

In our tests, we measured a max surface level temperature of 86.5°. Furthermore, heat dissipation was excellent. From minutes 0 to 1 the temperature declined by 4.1°, this is 0.37° better than the average 1-minute decline of 3.73°.

Heat Dissipation Over Time

Titan Plus heat dissipation chart
Titan Plus heat dissipation chart

Sinkage Test

The Titan Plus has a minimal level of sinkage. In our tests, we measured 1.97” of total pressure point sinkage. This is 0.27” less sinkage than the average of 2.24” (based on all of our tests to date).

The level of sinkage is documented in the image below.

Titan Plus sinkage test
Titan Plus sinkage test

The mattress has a very restrained level of hug and contour. The heavier parts of my body sink further down, but relative to many other mattresses, it’s still a minimal level. The Titan Plus creates more of a “floating on top of the mattress” feel due to the incredibly firm feel.


Motion Transfer Test

The Titan Plus mattress has a very high level of motion transfer. In our tests, we measured 14.00 m/s² of acceleration range. This is 6.77 m/s² higher motion than the average of 7.23 m/s².

The level of motion transfer is documented in the video below.

The high level of motion is not surprising. Firmer mattresses by their very nature return more bounce and more energy back to the source.

Where a soft mattress can absorb and disperse energy, a firm mattress quickly compresses to its maximum depth (which is minimal) and then intensely returns back to shape.

Max. Acceleration

5.27 m/s²

Min. Acceleration

-8.73 m/s²

Accel. Range

14.00 m/s²

In looking at our motion transfer chart, which visualizes our accelerometer data, we can see the highest levels of motion from 0.00 to 0.14 seconds. Moderate motion persists until 0.71 seconds before beginning to decline again.

Titan Plus motion transfer chart
Titan Plus motion transfer chart

However, it’s not until 1.13 seconds that motion returns to near-zero levels. While the firm mattress design has many benefits, motion transfer is certainly not among them.

Sleepers should be prepared for a higher level of motion transfer on the Titan Plus.


Response Test

The Titan Plus mattress has an extremely fast material response time. In our tests, we measured 0.3 seconds to mostly recover and 0.7 seconds to fully recover.

Mostly Recovered

0.3 sec.

Complete Recovery

0.7 sec.

This is notably faster than the average in both cases.

Based on all of our tests to date, we have measured an average mostly recovered response time of 0.47 seconds and an average fully recovered response time of 0.90 seconds.

The level of responsiveness is documented in the video below.

The firmer feel means materials don’t compress as deeply as with softer mattresses. This fact, combined with the material types, creates the extremely fast response times we measured in our tests. I expect most sleepers will feel that response times are sufficiently quick.

Bounce Test

The Titan Plus has a very high level of bounce. In our tests, we measured 12.83” of total bounce height. This is 3.09” more bounce than the average of 9.74”.

Max. Depth


Max. Rebound


Total Bounce


Max. Sinkage Depth

Titan Plus bounce depth
Titan Plus bounce depth

Max Bounce Height

Titan Plus bounce rebound
Titan Plus bounce rebound

The level of bounce is also documented in the video below.

Mattresses with more bounce are better for sex and easier to move around on. However, they also typically have higher motion transfer (which we confirmed with our motion transfer test).

At 12.83”, the Titan Plus has more bounce than I typically like to see.


Edge Support Test

The Titan Plus has exceptionally good edge support for both sitting and lying. In our sitting edge support tests, we measured just 2.25” of sitting sinkage compression.

This is tied for 1st as the best-performing sitting edge support we’ve tested to date. The firm feel is undoubtedly the reason for the excellent edge support.

Max Sinkage


Lying Support


The materials push back to an extremely high degree, creating robust support even when sitting directly on the edge of the mattress.

The level of edge support while seated is documented in the images below.

Sitting, 140 lbs.

Titan Plus edge support
Titan Plus edge support

Sitting, 200 lbs.

Titan Plus edge support - with vest
Titan Plus edge support – with vest

As expected, lying edge support was equally as good. I felt well-supported in all sleeping positions.

The level of edge support while lying is documented in the images below.

Lying on Edge, 140 lbs.

Titan Plus edge support - side sleeping
Titan Plus edge support – side sleeping

Lying on Edge, 200 lbs.

Titan Plus edge support - side sleeping with vest
Titan Plus edge support – side sleeping with vest

You can lie directly on the edge and feel just as well supported as you do in the middle of the mattress.


Sex Test

Our sex rating formula looks at 5 different factors weighted based on their importance.

sex percent chart

All factors are not equal in terms of significance, but each plays an important role.

Three of the most important factors are listed below with the associated testing scores:

Sex Bounce


Edge Support




In addition to the factors above, there are two others we consider as well, including pressure relief and cooling.

Here’s a look at the breakdown of how these 3 factors rank within the full formula:

sex formula

We use the scores from all factors, plugged into the formula above, to derive a sex score for each mattress.

Sex FactorFactor WeightScore
Edge Support20%10
Pressure Relief5%9.0

For the Titan Plus, these individual factors generated a sex score of 9.9.

This mattress has high bounce and exceptional edge support. These two factors alone make up 80% of the sex score and really make the mattress amazing for sex performance.

The only major downside is going to be comfort…while our score doesn’t really capture it, we should make it clear that comfort could be an issue for some sleepers.

This is a firm mattress. If you’re engaged in amorous activities and being slammed into a very firm (9 out of 10 firmness) mattress you might not find that to be the most pleasant.


Pressure Relief Test

Pressure relief on the Titan Plus mattress is good, but certainly not great. This is fundamentally a firm mattress. Firm mattresses just don’t provide much in the way of pressure relief.

Comfort Layer


Support Layer


They are designed for maximum support and an increased firm feel. Sleepers who prefer a more noted level of pressure relief may feel that the firmness simply gets in the way of those desires.

Anyone considering the Titan Plus should fully understand that this is first and foremost a very firm mattress designed to deliver maximum support.

That type of support is typically only best for heavier-weight sleepers who sleep on the back or stomach. As a result of this firm feel, pressure relief is far more restrained and basic compared to many other types of mattresses.


Off-Gassing Test

The Titan Plus mattress has a strong smell right out of the box and the odor lingered for a full 6 days before dissipating.

Initial Smell Strength


Off-Gassing Period

6 days



The Titan Plus is manufactured by Brooklyn Bedding, a parent company that manufactures a series of sub-branded mattresses as well as their flagship Brooklyn Bedding lineup.

All Titan mattresses (the Plus or the Plus Luxe) come with a 120-night trial period and a 10-year warranty.

Company Factor
Trial Period120 nights
Warranty10 years
Returns$99 return fee
Country of OriginUSA

Shipping is free, but the return policy comes with a few conditions:

Break-In Period: There is a 30-night break-in period from the time you take home the mattress. During the first 30 days, you cannot initiate a return, giving sufficient time for your body to adjust to the new mattress.

$99 Return Fee: If after the 30-night break-in period, you still want to return the mattress, it will cost you a $99 return fee. This applies to used mattresses as well as mattresses still in their original packaging.

How firm is the Titan Plus?

The Titan Plus is one of the firmest mattresses that we’ve tested to date, a 9 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This mattress is only available in this single firmness, so if you don’t like a firm feel, this may not be the right choice for you.

Firmness chart 9 out of 10

Support & Sleeping Positions

Support on the Titan Plus mattress is exceptionally good. The very firm feel creates very robust pushback. However, this firmness isn’t right for all body types.

Sleeper WeightStomach SleepersSide SleepersBack Sleepers
Under 150 lbs.MaybeNoMaybe
150-250 lbs.YesNoYes
250-300 lbs.YesNoYes

You need to want / need a firmer feel either due to your body weight (heavier sleepers can sometimes need a firm feel) and/or the fact you sleep on your stomach or back. Side sleepers should avoid this mattress.


The Titan Plus mattress uses a combination of foam and coils to provide support and comfort. It has a moderate thickness and a very firm firmness. In most cases, the Titan Plus has a target market of heavier sleepers as well as back or stomach sleepers.







Titan Plus sitting
Titan Plus sitting


In total, there are four layers on the Titan Plus hybrid mattress. From top to bottom, these layers break down as follows.

  • 1.0″ quilted cover
  • 2.0″ poly foam
  • 6.0″ pocketed coils
  • 2.0″ support foam
Titan Plus material layers
Titan Plus material layers

The Cover

The Titan Plus comes with a standard cotton cover that is thin and breathable, quilted together with a 1″ layer of gel memory foam. It has a tufted design with a hexagon stitching pattern.

For extra cooling, this mattress also offers an optional cooling cover made of a phase change material which can be sewn into the cover of the mattress. The main purpose of this cooling material is to help regulate temperature and limit heat gain on contact.

Titan Plus Luxe Hybrid mattress cover
Titan Plus Luxe Hybrid mattress cover

The sides use a more reinforced fabric that is thicker and more durable, with a vertical stitching pattern.

The Comfort Layer

Below the cover is the comfort layer, made up of a 2″ layer of poly foam (also known as their patented TitanFlex foam). This foam has a faster response time compared to memory foam so it helps to provide a balanced feel to the mattress.

Titan Plus measuring top layers
Titan Plus measuring top layers

The Support Layer

Below the TitanFlex poly foam is the support layer of pocketed coils. In this layer, hundreds of coils are individually encased in a thin fabric that allows the coils to move as varying levels of pressure are applied.

Titan Plus materials
Titan Plus materials

Below the coils is a 2″ high-density foam base which supports the layers above.

Product Evolution

The Titan Plus has been around for more than 3 years. At the initial launch, it was called the Titan and it was the only mattress in the Titan series.

The name changed to the Titan Firm when the Titan Luxe Hybrid was introduced, which offered the Titan design in a varying firmness level.

More recently, the name changed once again when the Titan Firm was renamed the Titan Plus in mid-2022.

The Titan Plus comfort material and pocketed coil design has stayed the same throughout these name changes.

How is the Titan Plus Different?

The Titan Plus is designed for sleepers who explicitly need and desire a very firm mattress.

#1. Ultra Firm

I’ve mentioned it above, but it feels critical to point out again just now firm this mattress is. Our firmness scale essentially spans from 3-9, as we’ve never tested a mattress softer than a 3 or firmer than a 9 (to date). And the Titan Plus is a solid 9.

If you don’t want a very firm mattress, the Titan Plus is not the right pick for you. But if you’re looking for that floating feel, limited sinkage, and fantastic support (especially for heavier sleepers), then the Titan Plus is a solid choice.

#2. Optional Cooling Cover

The Titan Plus comes with a standard tufted cover or an optional cooling cover. The cooling cover uses a phase change material that is sewn into the quilted cover along with the gel memory foam for a plush, cool feel, with limited heat retention.

Titan Plus vs. Titan Plus Luxe

The Titan Plus and Titan Plus Luxe are both hybrid mattresses with a pocketed coil support system and memory foam / poly foam comfort layer. But they have some stark differences as well. The two biggest differences are firmness and price.

Titan Plus material layers

Titan Plus

Type: Hybrid
Thickness: 11″
Firmness: Extra Firm
Price: $874 (Queen)
Overall Score: 9.43
Titan Plus Luxe Hybrid mattress material layers

Titan Plus Luxe

Type: Hybrid
Thickness: 13″
Firmness: Medium Firm
Price: $1,119 (Queen)
Overall Score: 9.56

Other Mattresses to Consider

Not sure that the Titan Plus mattress is the right pick for you? Check the three alternative options below for other top-rated firm mattresses.

For All-Foam

Plank Firm - extra firm mattress material layers


Flippable—8 or 9 out of 10

For firmness without the coils, you may want to check out the Plank mattress. Eliminating the springs here gives the Plank a much better motion transfer score also.

For Pressure Relief

Material layers of the Helix Twilight

Helix Twilight

4.0″ of Comfort Material

The Helix Twilight has an 8 out of 10 firmness level. Compared to the Titan, pressure relief is a little better with a smoother contour and slightly softer feel.

For Luxury

WinkBed mattress - material layers - luxury firm

WinkBeds – Firm

Firmness: 8 out of 10

The Winkbeds mattress is available in three firmnesses, with the firm coming in at a 7 out of 10. This is moderately softer than the Titan Plus. Layers of the Winkbed mattress promote slightly deeper contours, fantastic pressure relief, and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Check out some of the top FAQs on the Titan Plus hybrid mattress below and get the answers you’re looking for.

How much does a Titan Plus mattress cost?

Here are the current prices, with any sales or promotions reflected below:

Standard Cover

Twin: $489
Twin XL: $559
Full: $699
Queen: $874
King: $1049
Cal. King: $1049
Split Cal King: $559 (one side only)

Cooling Cover

Twin: $559
Twin XL: $646
Full: $786
Queen: $979
King: $1189
Cal. King: $1189
Split Cal King: $646 (one side only)

*Note: Sales prices are subject to change without notice or warning.

How long does it take for a Titan mattress to expand?

It takes only a couple of minutes for a Titan mattress to fully expand, once the vacuum seal has been broken. After it is fully expanded, it will take approximately 6 days for the mattress to fully off-gas.

Where are Titan mattresses made?

Titan mattresses are made in the Phoeniz, Arizona, USA, and fabricated by Brooklyn Bedding.

How much weight can a Titan mattress hold?

The Titan Plus Hybrid mattress is designed to support sleepers up to 1,000 lbs, or 500 lbs. per side.

What firmness is best for overweight sleepers?

Heavier sleepers, 250 lbs. or more generally benefit from firmer mattresses compared to lightweight sleepers. Extra weight can sink deeper into soft mattresses which may cause back pain, spinal alignment issues, and painful pressure points. Firmer mattresses help to prevent that by providing better support.

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