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Which U.S. States Have the Most Sex?

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O say, can you see by the dawn’s early light … all the sex Americans had through the night? How often do Americans have sex? Americans in their 20s have sex around 80 times a year, or approximately once every four to five days. This rate declines over time, dropping to about 20 times a year for those in their 60s.

Of course, America is a huge and wildly diverse place, so U.S. sex rates vary. Which states have the most sex? NapLab conducted an American sex survey to unveil where people are getting the most lucky and how often people have sex.

Let’s get down to business and explore the average sex frequency rates by state:

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Which States Have the Most Sex?

Where are Americans having the most sex? Here are the top 15 states ranked by average sex frequency per week:

  1. Alaska — 2.806
  2. New Mexico — 2.064
  3. Vermont — 1.702
  4. Arkansas — 1.666
  5. Indiana — 1.531
  6. Hawaii — 1.509
  7. Oregon — 1.472
  8. Massachusetts — 1.464
  9. New York — 1.390
  10. New Hampshire — 1.354
  11. Minnesota — 1.341
  12. Wyoming — 1.337
  13. Utah — 1.284
  14. South Carolina — 1.274
  15. Iowa — 1.227

Way to go, Alaska! With an average winter temperature of 20 to -10 °F, maybe they are having lots of sex just to keep warm.

Which States Have the Least Sex?

Where are Americans having the least sex? Here are the top 15 states with the lowest sex rates:

  1. Colorado — 0.420
  2. Maine — 0.500
  3. Michigan — 0.511
  4. Nebraska — 0.545
  5. West Virginia — 0.638
  6. Idaho — 0.652
  7. Wisconsin — 0.661
  8. Delaware — 0.689
  9. Tennessee — 0.726
  10. North Carolina — 0.737
  11. Illinois — 0.748
  12. Pennsylvania — 0.788
  13. Oklahoma — 0.792
  14. Kansas — 0.797
  15. Rhode Island — 0.834

How often do people have sex according to our survey data?

Of the 1,567 respondents, 7.8% have sex once per day, 45.6% have sex once per week, 24.8% have sex once per month, and 9.5% have sex once per year. The average sex frequency per week in the United States is 1.06.

Are Americans Having Less Sex?

Yes, sex in the United States has been on a steady decline. In fact, 26% of Americans report having no sex at all in 2021, and the pandemic is not to blame. As recently as 2018, nearly 25% of Americans reported having no sex in the previous year. Only 39% of Americans reported having intercourse once or more a week, which is a decrease of nearly 12% in two decades. This is slightly less than our 2023 sex survey data indicates, so perhaps that is a promising sign?

It may come as a surprise that people in our youngest adult-age generation, Gen Z, are now less sexually active than adults in their 30s and 40s. Why is Gen Z having less sex? There are many factors to consider. Sex neuroscientist Debra Soh believes that an overall sense of malaise and disillusionment caused by employment difficulties and delayed milestones may be part of it. An excess of screen time in place of real face-to-face interaction may also play a role.

She states:

“Considering that most social interactions for this generation — including hanging out with friends — happen through digital screens, in some cases racking up nine hours a day of screen time a day, there is no doubt in my mind that this technological disconnect is having a profound impact on sexuality. One can easily imagine how to many adolescents and young adults, sex, intimacy, and human connection can become foreign concepts and perhaps even a little intimidating.”

Psychologist Justin J. Lehmiller, Ph.D., believes that sexlessness can be both a symptom and a cause of poor mental health, so while there are some benefits to young people having less sex (lower rates of sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancies, and abortions), the decline in sex rates in America may be a cause for concern.

Then again, some people are perfectly happy without sex. But another alarming factor to consider is the overall social disconnect seeping through the nation and the world. In May 2023, the Surgeon General issued a dire warning about the devastating effects of the loneliness epidemic in the United States — around 50% of Americans experience measurable levels of loneliness.

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Which U.S. States Have the Most Sex?

We surveyed 1,567 people, and we found that on average, Americans have sex 1.064 times per week. Here’s what we found:

How Often Do People Have Sex Each Week by State?

RankStateFrequency of Sex per Week (Average)
2New Mexico2.064
9New York1.390
10New Hampshire1.354
14South Carolina1.274
18New Jersey1.209
19South Dakota1.135
23North Dakota1.089
 United States1.064
36Rhode Island0.834
41North Carolina0.737
46West Virginia0.638

Breakdown of How the United States Responded

How Often Do You Have Sexual Intercourse?Percentage of Total Responses
About once per day or more7.8%
About once per week or more45.6%
About once per month or more24.8%
About once per year or more9.5%
About once every 5 years or more3.0%
About once every 10 years or more3.7%

* State averages are rounded to the thousandths for the purpose of this visualization. Here are the true averages for states that are too close to be distinguished after rounding:

  • 20) Kentucky: 1.09990817401333
  • 21) Montana: 1.09950534396914
  • 26) Missouri: 1.00124403396485
  • 27) Georgia: 1.00116965226261


The findings are based on 1,567 responses to a Google Forms survey created by NapLab that asked two questions: “In what state do you live?” and “How often do you have sexual intercourse?” The average for each state is based on the responses of at least 25 individuals.

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